Women, Truth, Action Keynote Speakers: Lena Halldenius

Lena Halldenius,  Lund University

Lena Halldenius,
Lund University

Lena Halldenius (PhD in philosophy, LL.M) is Professor of Human rights at Lund University and Life Member of Clare Hall at the University of Cambridge. She teaches political philosophy and human rights theory on the multidisciplinary BA Programme in Human Rights and supervises PhD-students in Human Rights Studies. Her research interests are political philosophy and the history of political thought, particularly concepts of liberty and how different understandings of liberty relate to equality, power, and institutions. She has contributed to the renewed interest in the republican conception of freedom within political thought and intellectual history. Recent publications include “The Political Conditions of Free Agency: The Case of Mary Wollstonecraft” (2013), “Liberty, Law and Leviathan. Of Being Free from Impediments by Artifice” (2012), “Building Blocks of a Republican Cosmopolitanism: The Modality of Being Free” (2010), and Liberalism (2 ed, 2011). More on Lena Halldenius is available here.

The keynote speakers:
Lilli Alanen
Lisa Folkmarson Käll
Lena Halldenius
Sally Haslanger
Alice Pugliese
Lanei Rodemeyer
Charlotte Witt

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