Women, Truth, Action Keynote Speakers: Lanei Rodemeyer

Lanei Rodemeyer

Lanei Rodemeyer

Lanei Rodemeyer works primarily in the areas of Husserlian phenomenology, continental philosophy, the philosophy of time, and feminist/gender philosophy of the body. She has done extensive research in Husserl’s works on inner time-consciousness and argues in her book, Intersubjective Temporality: It’s About Time (Springer, 2006), that this apparently solipsistic structure is actually integrated with an open intersubjective structure. In her articles and presentations, she takes up questions of the body as well as time, considering such notions as pregnancy, eating disorders, time and eternity, intersubjectivity, gender, and transsexuality.


The keynote speakers:
Lilli Alanen
Lisa Folkmarson Käll
Lena Halldenius
Sally Haslanger
Alice Pugliese
Lanei Rodemeyer
Charlotte Witt

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