Women, Truth, Action Keynote Speakers: Alice Pugliese

Alice Pugliese, University of Palermo

Alice Pugliese, University of Palermo

Alice Pugliese (1979). Actual position: researcher at the chair for Moral Philosophy at the University of Palermo (Italy). Phd (2007) on Husserl’s theory of intersubjectivity in the unpublished manuscripts. From 2003 regular collaboration with the Husserl Archive of Cologne. Publications: La dimensione dell’intersoggettività. Fenomenologia dell’estraneo nella filosofia di Edmund Husserl, ed. Mimesiscoll. Itinerari Filosofici, Milano 2004; Unicità e relazione. Intersoggettività, genesi e io puro in Husserl, ed. Mimesis, coll. Itinerari Filosofici, Milano 2009; Triebsphäre und Urkindheit des Ich, “Husserl Studies”, n. 25/2, 2009, pp. 141-157; Phenomenology of drives: between biological and personal life, in Phenomenology of Pregnancy, edited by Jonna Bornemark and Nicholas Smith, Sodertorn University Press 2014.

The keynote speakers:
Lilli Alanen
Lisa Folkmarson Käll
Lena Halldenius
Sally Haslanger
Alice Pugliese
Lanei Rodemeyer
Charlotte Witt

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