Credits for the philosophical conference Women, Truth, Action

Time: 10–12 October 2013
Venue: House of Sciences, Kirkkokatu 6

Topic: The conference focuses on three fields and themes informed by the gender perspective: phenomenology (“Subject, Body, World”), contemporary metaphysics (“Meaning and Objectivity”), and politics (“Action and Change”). The conference is motivated by the fact that in all these fields women philosophers work with excellent results and with innovative approaches. We wish to bring together women scholars from different philosophical traditions – analytic and continental – as well as from history of philosophy so that they can share their insights on common topics of interest and establish a dialogue across dividing lines that mainly are dogmatic and seldom beneficial for female scholars.

Keynote speakers: Lilli Alanen (Sweden/Finland), Lisa Folkmarson Käll (Sweden), Lena Halldenius (Sweden), Sally Haslanger (USA), Alice Pugliese (Italy) and Lanei Rodemeyer (USA).

Abstracts in alphabetical order

Getting credits for the conference: Presence on all three days and a study diary of 8–10 pages required. It is advisable to pay attention to the relationships between the presentations and to the theme of the day, as well as the discussion inspired the presentations. The idea is to deal with the presentations given on each of the three days, but also to write more extensively about three presentations, one from each day. The study diary can be written in English, Finnish or Swedish. Font 12 (Times New Roman), line spacing 1,5, marginals 2,5 cm.  Evaluation 1-5; filosofi: pass/fail.

The study diary will be returned by 31st October to:
Filosofi: thomas. wallgren (at)
Social and moral philosophy: kristian.klockars (at)
Gender studies: erika.ruonakoski (at)
Theoretical philosophy: matti.sintonen (at)

You can get 2 credits for the conference in the following disciplines:

Filosofi (teaching in Swedish)
Information: Thomas Wallgren

Social and moral philosohy
Contemporary philosophy, social philosophy, philosophy of culture

Gender studies
WNA299,  WNA/MNA333, WNA901

Theoretical philosophy
Metaphysics (Fte340.1f), advanced course 1f or Metaphysics (Fte340.2f), advanced course 2f

Evaluation: 1–5 or according to the wishes of your department
Credits: 2

Information: erika.ruonakoski (at)
Please, contact Erika Ruonakoski in good time, especially if you are uncertain about your possibilities to get credits from this conference.