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A few words about PhilPapers

More and more often, for better or worse, students and researchers alike are
looking to the internet for their sources in philosophy. PhilPapers
(, at least in the Anglo-American world, has
become the primary site for such research. Recently, a discussion emerged on
several feminist philosophy listservs about the availability and visibility
of feminist philosophy and philosophical articles by women available on the
site. Editors of the sites categories of ”Feminist Ethics”, ”Feminist
Epistemology”, and others wrote pleas for scholars to upload their papers
and citations, since the categories were comparatively empty. As researchers
in the fields, these editors were aware that people in fact are busy in
feminist ethics and epistemology, and so set out a call for scholars to
upload their papers onto  I wanted to echo this call to
Nordic feminist philosophers and women philosophers for several reasons,
presented below.

On the one hand, if feminist scholarship and philosophical scholarship by
women is already underrepresented, under-cited and even ignored, lack of
visibility on such sites will only compound the problem. On the other hand,
if we are able to upload our papers, cite other feminist philosophers and
women in our fields, then we can use this technology for good. On a third
hand, if we don’t do it, who will?

So, briefly I have explained how to upload your papers/links to your
papers/information about your papers, books and book reviews. This is important, and it’s pretty easy to do, so I encourage everyone to take a few moments to do it.

PhilPapers: Upload your papers, citations, and profile
1. Create an account
2. Click on ”Submit Material” from the top menu
3. You then just need basic bibliographic information, or a bibliography in
one of the formats they accept (all standard)
4. Depending on the journal, PhilPapers will offer information about what
each journal allows one to upload. Otherwise, you will need to check with
the publisher.

Ericka Tucker
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki
Assistant Professor,
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona